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Lucovitaal Gewichtstoename 1250g



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Skimmed milk powder, wheat flour, agglomerated whey protein concentrate, maltodextrin, dextrose, fructose, lactose, wheat germ, lecithin, banana aroma (identical to the natural flavor). This product contains: milk protein, lactose, gluten, wheat, corn, soy, fructose and vanillin.
Product full nutrient to gain weight and improve his condition. Is made up of a complex carbohydrate, milk protein, wheat germ and lecithin. Lucovitaal weighs in the balance and is highly recommended when you perform sporting efforts intense in the case of weakness at the level of performance, in the case of lack of appetite (inappetence) and in order to fully recover after illness (convalescence period). This tonic is rich in complex carbohydrates and is the energy source par excellence for the muscles. Contains milk proteins (the formation of muscle tissue) and wheat-germ. Rich in vitamins B and E and in lecithin (which increases performance and is also important for nerve function). As we have already mentioned, the product Lucovitaal can be used as a medium nutrient high calorie in the framework of the intensive exercise of a sport (among other things to promote weight gain), in case of weakness the level of performance (for example during pregnancy) and in cases of lack of appetite (inappetence).

Dilute or mix 2 to 3 times per day after each meal (as needed) 2 tablespoons full of Lucovitaal in 1 glass (250 ml) of fresh milk, in yogurt, in the biogarde or in cream (dessert). In case of intensive practice of a sport, you can consume a preparation after each workout. In order to absorb even more calories, we recommend you to add honey or crushed banana with a fork.
Keep dry and cool, away from a source of light and out of reach of children.

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