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Magnecaps Crampes Musculaires 30 Comprimes Effervescents



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Magnesium is mainly supplied to our body through our diet. The following foods are rich in magnesium: cereals/complete products, nuts, green vegetables, mineral water rich in magnesium, dried fruit, bananas, and chocolate. Our current eating habits can, however, easily lead to inadequate absorption of magnesium (magnesium deficiency).
In addition, there are a number of specific circumstances (for example: physical strain, overwork, exhaustion, periods of stress, alcohol abuse, stage/growth period, pregnancy...) resulting in an increased need for magnesium in our daily lives (and therefore involving the need for a daily intake more important magnesium).
Normal feeding can rarely cover enough of the increased needs of magnesium in the case of physical effort (among other athletes), which result in tension, stiffness and muscle cramps. In these cases, we recommend that a high intake of magnesium (450 mg magnesium).
The overwork, the exhaustion and the stress periods are certainly not unusual in our western society. These factors may lead to a hyperactivity of the catecholamine (in this case, the substances responsible of the conduction of nerve impulses) as well as an increased loss of magnesium through urinary route, with the result of a magnesium deficiency.
Finally, alcohol abuse also causes a magnesium deficiency due to increased excretion of magnesium.

Mg 450 mg.

1 capsule per day in the morning, preferably during the meal.

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