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Food products in the case of nutrition treatment of metabolic disorders caused by amino acids (info 1 + table 1).
Food poor in protein (2) + in table 2).
Food products for disorders rare (info 3 + table 3).
The various formulas have been adapted in function of the age of the child: sucrose-free; no artificial colouring or flavouring, or sweeteners; enriched with vitamins and minerals; concentrated products, so that the child should not eat large quantities.
Dietary products-poor proteins for medical use, poor in phenylalanine and other amino acids. The energy value of these foods is comparable to that of products of normal food. Contain only natural ingredients. Without preservatives nor flavourings and artificial colours.
The different formulas are power supplies for infants complete, free of 1 or more nutrients: to use as a basis in the framework of an individual plan tailored; to use for infants, babies, toddlers and small

The daily dose depends on the age of the child, its weight and that of its individual tolerance. This dose must regularly be adapted by the treating physician or dietitian.
These food products may only be used under medical supervision.
These food products may not be used as the sole source of nutrition.
These products are only suitable for use entéral.

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