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The human body can not synthesize itself of magnesium. Therefore, it entirely depends on the daily consumption of magnesium. Unfortunately, the contribution in this regard is often insufficient because of our eating habits.
A magnesium deficiency can lead to all sorts of complaints and problems: nervousness, hyperirritability (increased irritability), headaches, loss of concentration, muscle cramps (after physical exertion), weakness and fatigue generalized.

1 packet or 1 capsule contains:
Nutrients: elemental magnesium 450 mg (150 % RDA), magnesium phosphate 1.100 mg, magnesium citrate 1,000 mg, hydroxycarbonate of magnesium 310 mg.
Ingredients: thickener: mannitol; acidic food: citric acid; flavour enhancer: orange aroma; sweeteners: cyclamate, saccharin; coloring: beta-carotene.

1 packet or 1 capsule per day. Dissolve the sachet in advance in a glass of water. Orange aroma, very pleasant. Does not contain sugar.
Given the high dosage of Promagnor, just take one chewable tablet per day, preferably before meals, even in case of increased need for magnesium.
Precautionary measures
Promagnor can only be used in case of severe renal insufficiency without prior approval from a doctor.
If you follow the simultaneous treatment with tetracyclines (a type of antibiotic), you must take Promagnor at least 2 hours before or after taking the tetracycline. Also, make sure you do not exceed the recommended daily dose

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