Stresspure 112 Comprimes



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Complex of vitamins and minerals to advocate to deal with the consequences of different forms of stress. Stress increases the loss of magnesium, and different minerals and vitamins through the urine;
Provides a variety of elements that are likely to default, and contributes to an effective recovery of your balance;
Makes you more resistant to stress;
Contains the glycerophosphate of magnesium, which is particularly well absorbed by the body and does not cause discomfort intestinal.

Glycerophosphate of magnesium, 1000 mg, taurine 200 mg, vitamin B3 9 mg, vitamin B1 4 mg, vitamin B5 4 mg, vitamin B6 4 mg, vitamin B2 2 mg, vitamin B9 0.1 mg.

1 tablet per day (caution if big tablets!).
For teenagers and adults.

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