Erythromax Blister V-caps 2x15



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Supplements of iron that the body absorbs very well. Also contains vitamins of the B complex, chlorophyll and taurine.
Additional intake of iron for the body and is very beneficial for endurance. Also stabilizes the hematocrit.

Chlorella 250 mg, bisglycinate of iron, 178 mg (28 mg Fe), L-taurine 150 mg, ascorbic acid 120 mg, nicotinamide 20 mg, Mn) 2 mg, vitamin B1 4.2 mg, vitamin B6 4,2 mg, riboflavin 4.2 mg, Cu 0,55 mg, folic acid 0.4 mg, cyanocobalamin 3 mcg, vitamin B12.

As A preventive: 1 capsule/tablet per day.
In the context of a treatment: 2 capsules/tablets per day.

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