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Physalis Détente & Sommeil Bio 45 Comprimés



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Physalis Relax & Sleep bio promotes relaxation and contributes to a restful sleep. Stress and insomnia are common symptoms in our western society. But the night's rest is essential for maintaining health. During periods of stress and tension, we find it difficult to sleep because we ressassons for hours all our worries of the day. Physalis Relax & Sleep contains valerian, passion flower, and poppy, which are known for their action to support the relaxation and to the relaxation of the body and the spirit. These plants contribute 100% natural way to us to recover the sleep. Nothing more pleasant than waking up in the morning well rested and start the day in a good mood and full of energy!

Eschscholzia californica extr. bio (5/1) 300 mg
Passiflora incarnata extr. bio (>3,5% flavonoids) 400 mg
Valeriana officinalis extr. bio (0,05-0,1% valerenic acids) 500 mg

1 to 2 tablets per day. To be taken in the evening, ½ to 1 hour before you go to sleep with a little water or infusion.

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