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Whey Proteine Isolaat Vanille Caps 900g Deba

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The Whey Protein Isolate is a supplement with protein of high quality containing all the essential amino acids and non-essential. The protein content minimum protein isolates is 90%. It also has a lactose content and the fat that is weaker than the protein concentrate. The chain amino acids are connected (AACB : L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine) are also present in high concentration (22%). This whey protein is produced via methods of the most advanced (microfiltration cross-flow), which guaranteed its high quality and good absorption.

The whey protein helps to :

  • Promote the construction of muscles
  • Promote muscle mass
  • More muscle power

People whose intake of protein is low can take the whey protein supplement to their diet to take in enough protein.

A better recovery? Add a measuring scoop BCAA powder and a measuring scoop L-Glutamine powder.

The whey protein isolate insant to 97.4% (Milk, soy lecithin), of which 90.6% for protein, flavouring : vanilla, thickener : guar gum, sweetener : sucralose.

Contains a small amount of lactose and may contain traces of soy and milk protein. This product does not contain preservatives, colouring or yeast, sugar, gluten, corn, starch or wheat.

Dilute 30 grams per shake in 200 ml milk (skimmed) or water, preferably in a shaker or blender. (measuring scoop added 70 ml = 30 gr).

Composition by100 g of powder

The amino acids

L-Alinine the 4.53 g

L-Arginine 1.90 g

Aspartic acid is 9.96 g

L-Cysteine 1,99 g

Glutamic acid roe 16.40 g

L-Glycine 1.27 g

L-Histidine 1.54 g

L-Isoleucine* 5,80 g

L-Leucine* 9,60 g

L-Lysine 8,70 g

L-Methionine 1,99 g

L-Phenylalanine 2,72 g

L-Proline of 4.98 g

L-Serine 4,17 g

L-Threonine 6,07 g

L-Tryptofaan 1.27 g

L-Tyrosine 2.36 g

L-Valine* 5,34 g

90,58 g

*= B. C. A. A's

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