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Plantigom Gommes 24

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Gums to the throat.Plantigom combines the benefits of the plantain and pelargonium in a gum suck to the throat.Deliciously flavoured with red berries, these erasers will appeal to both small and large.

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Children 4 to 11 years

3 gums/day

Adults and children from 12 years onwards

6 gums/day

Pregnant women

3 gums/day

For optimal effect, let it melt the gums slowly in the mouth.

The PLANTAIN is a plant recognized for its action beneficial for the throat. Its leaves are used for centuries to soften the irritation and tickling in the throat.

Originating in Africa, the PELARGONIUM is a valuable aid for soothe the throat and enrouements short-term. This plant is also useful to free the throat, in case of cooling.

Thanks to the combination of these 2 plants, Plantigom provides an optimal solution and complete to allay quickly the throat.

Ingredients for gum : Bulking Agent : gum Arabic - Sweeteners : sorbitol syrup, maltitol syrup - Aroma of gooseberry - dry Extract of leaves of plantain (Plantago lanceolata) 50 mg - dry Extract of the root of pelargonium (Pelargonium sidoides) 50 mg - Acidifier : citric acid - coating : coconut oil, carnauba wax - sweetening agent : sucralose. May contain traces of egg, nuts and wheat.


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