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ALFLOREX® is the only dietary supplement in Europe, which contains the unique strain **Bifidobacterium *****infantis*** 35624®. Of human origin, this bacterial strain was originally isolated from the colon of a healthy woman. Each capsule Alflorex® contains a billion bacteria ***Bifidobacterium* *****infantis*** 35624®

Take 1 capsule of ALFLOREX® every day for 4 weeks and continue to use it daily as part of a healthy lifestyle. The capsule can be taken outside or during a meal. It is advised not to exceed the daily dose indicated.

The action of the strain **Bifidobacterium *****infantis***35624® disappears quickly when you stop taking ALFLOREX®. This is why it is important to continue to take it daily.

During the first few weeks, the use of ALFLOREX® can result in a slight modification of the intestinal activity. This period of adaptation, transient and normal, reflects the activity of ALFLOREX®.

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