Nutilis Powder 300g

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Nutilis Powder is a thickening agent for liquids and preparations. Gluten-free and low in lactose. Use under medical supervision.
Chewing and swallowing is a complicated process. Many muscles are involved : in the lips, the tongue, the cheeks, the palate, the jaws and throat. If these muscles are not working properly, you may experience problems when swallowing.
Ingestion is easier if the power supply is smooth and uniform. A thicker power supply facilitates sometimes the ingestion.
Nutilis Powder is a thickener instant easy-to-use. It quickly gives the power to the desired thickness, without altering the taste. You can use Nutilis Powder to thicken the drinks and meal (mashed) with hot and cold.
Nutilis Powder does not contain gluten or lactose. Nutilis Powder is a dietetic food intended for special medical purposes for the dietary management of dysphagia, swallowing disorders or false roads.
Saliva has many functions. It contains amylase and helps in the digestion of food. This process begins already in the mouth. A drink that is thickened with a binding agent such as corn starch becomes quickly liquid in contact with the saliva. Nutilis Powder has properties of resistance to the amylase. This means that the saliva has almost no influence on the thickness of the product thickened.
A measuring scoop rasa contains 4 g of powder. Can be added to preparations hot or cold, nutritional supplements, soups, or preparations mixed. Add Nutilis to the liquid or preparation, mix, and mix well. Use a shaker, a whisk or a fork. Let stand a few minutes to get the consistency you want. Do not add Nutilis during the phase of thickening. Prepare a serving and consume within 2 hours after the preparation. After opening, reseal the box, use within 2 months.
Dextrin-maltose, modified starch (E1442) (source : corn), gum, tara, xanthan gum, guar gum.

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