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Fertility Man Duo 60 Tabl Improv.+60 Caps Linucaps



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Fertility man is a duo pack with phytonutrients (Improvum®) + acids acids ALA (Linucaps) that contribute to the preservation of the quality and quantity of normal sperm, without the addition of hormones or medication.

Fertility man consists of:. 1 box of phytonutrients: Improvum® (60 tablets)Improvum® is a nutritional supplement with a formula studied vitamins, minerals, plant extracts and antioxidants specific high-quality. Improvum® can be used in general for an intake rich in antioxidants, or more specifically to help support the preservation of the quality and quantity of the sperm and the egg, without the addition of hormones or medications.. 1 box of omega: Linucaps (60 capsules)Linucaps is a nutritional supplement of capsules of flax seed oil pure and of high quality and high capacity of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. Linseed oil is also very rich in omega-3 fatty acid short chain: alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).

Helps to maintain the quality and quantity of normal sperm

dose_quotidienne : 2 tablets Improvum® + 2 capsules of Linucaps/day

'. The omega-3 fatty acids to long-chain can not cross the barrier of the testes of men. This is why Fertility man does not combine the product Improvum® (such as in the Fertility woman) with Omarin®, but with Linucaps, which contains alpha-linolenic acid short-chain (ALA).. Studies EB with Fertility of man/woman are available on request. The concomitant use of Fertility woman is recommended.. Ideal to use before a pregnancy.

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