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Nutrisan Krill Oil Licaps 180



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Nutrisan Krill Oil is rich in EPA and DHA in form of phospholipids. EPA and DHA contribute to the normal functioning of the heart (the beneficial effect is obtained when the daily intake of 250 mg EPA and DHA).

Why Nutrisan Krill Oil is the preparation based omega-3 fatty acids ideal?

  • Complex of omega-3 fatty acids in a completely natural and pure
  • Excellent ratio of omega-3/omega-6/omega-9 15/1/6
  • Process of cold extraction unique patented
  • Better absorption of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), which helps to reduce the daily dose needed
  • In addition to EPA and DHA, contains other substances interesting, such as phospholipids, choline, astaxanthin, a flavonoid marin, vitamins A and E
  • The high content of astaxanthin protects the omega-3 fatty acids against oxidation (rancidity) and thus preserves the freshness of the product
  • Nutrisan Krill Oil licaps completely odorless!
  • No taste of fish or lift

1 to 4 licaps per day, before meals

It is recommended for people who are allergic to shellfish or are taking a blood thinning medication to consult their doctor.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Nutrisan Krill Oil is a dietary supplement and cannot be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Consult your doctor in case of pregnancy or breast-feeding.

Ingredients per licap

  • Krill oil 500 mg

Ingredients: oil krill lipid extract of crustaceans krill of the Antarctic Euphausia superba, coating (gelatin fish)Allergens: crustaceans and fish

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