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Combizym G has a claim obvious in favour of improving and supporting digestion. It is therefore to advise patients dyspepsiques.

The ginger is very good for nausea and bloating due to a too full stomach. The enzymes break down the food substances. Combizym G is the most effective means against the most important elements of food, namely fats and sugars. The action will therefore be best in the case of a diet rich in fats and sugars. The patients of the faithful who knew of Combizym in the past will confirm that this product works very well thanks to its double action and it is especially rewarding after a festive meal excessive.

Combizym G contains 24 mg of ginger, 8.3 µg of selenium, and 220 mg of pancreatin (with 7400FIP lipase, 7000FIP amylase and 420FIP protease). The great strength of Combizym G is its dual action: first, in the stomach, and then, using the kernel gastro-resistant, an action in the intestines. Without this kernel gastro-resistant, the enzymes would become inactive because of the stomach acid.

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