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Macula Z Oro Nf Comp 60

Horus Pharma


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Macula Z-ORO is a dietary supplement whose composition permetun intake raisonné of antioxidants.LUTEIN AND ZEAXANTHIN :lutein is a constituent of the retina and the crystalline lens. Lutein and lazéaxanthine are yellow pigments of the family of carotenoids essentielscar not synthesized by the human body. They are present in nature in green leafy vegetables and wide.VITAMINS B2, C AND E :This is of antioxidants, which are essential (they are not synthesized by the body) quicontribuent to protect cells against oxidative stress.SELENIUM :mineral, coenzyme for glutathione peroxidase, is involved dansde many antioxidant mechanisms

ADVICE Of USE :take One tablet per day to let melt progressively on the language.Has to take it for 2 months, renewable

THE FORM ORODISPERSIBLE :Macula Z-ORO presents itself in the form of tablets orodispersible. It sedésagrège a few seconds in the mouth, thus ruling out any risk defausse road. One tablet per day is recommended.The decision of the Macula Z-ORO is favored, in particular p

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