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carboflex pansement 5x(15x 20 cm)



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Dressing chasing odors

CarboFlex is a sterile dressing, non-adhesive with a thickness absorbing contact with the wound, a dressing on the active carbon and of a thickness exceeding sweet.

The dressing is composed as follows:

  • The thickness of the more external consists of a film offering effective resistance to water.
  • The thickness of the absorbent keeps the humidity at a distance of the thickness of carbon, so that the latter can neutralize the odor of the optimal way.
  • The thickness of carbon is very flexible and induces efficient absorption of odors.
  • The thickness of contact with the wound, composed of 70% fiber, Kaltostat and 30% fiber Aquacel absorbs secretions from the wound and creates an environment of the wound moist.

CarboFlex is a wound dressing soft, easy to apply, and that should not be combined with another absorbent dressing.

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