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kaltostat pansement 10x(5x 5 cm)



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Dressing of sodium alginate-calcium.

The dressing Kaltostat is a bandage non woven sterile-obtained from brown algae. The Kaltostat is hydrophilic so that the secretions from the wound are absorbed. By the exchange of ions of calcium and sodium between Kaltostat and the secretions of the wound, they form a gel rigid. The gel allows the exchange of gases and creates a moist environment at the height of the surface of the wound, which aids healing.

The dressing Kaltostat is indicated for external use. It absorbs secretions from the wound and protects the wound against contamination.

The dressing Kaltostat is indicated for external use in case of wounds in moderately to highly exuding, such as: pressure ulcers, ulcus cruris, arterial ulcers, diabetic ulcers, sites of donor, abrasions, cuts, superficial burns, postoperative wounds and other wounds external caused by trauma.

Kaltostat-dressing: cut or fold the dressing to size and place it in the wound wet.

Kaltostat-cavity: apply the wick in the form of a stamp or layer into the wound so that the alginate, once turned into a gel, fills the wound.

The dressing can be removed simply using a pair of tweezers. Any residual fibers may remain until they are transformed into gel. Rinse using a saline solution that is recommended for deep wounds.

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