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Mepilex Transfer is a bandage foam (foam dressing) extremely thin, consisting of a contact layer, soft silicone Technology Safetac). The contact layer has an open structure and leaves it to easily pass the liquid traumatic excess.

The silicone ensures a slight fixation. Therefore, the wound dressing foam in direct contact with the wound and the surrounding skin, even the unequal parts.

Layer soft silicone cover protects so well the edges of the wound and the fluid traumatic may not leave the middle traumatic than vertical. The foam layer of Mepilex Transfer absorbs the liquid-traumatic stress disorder (secretion) of the active and transports it then to a dressing absorbent secondary.
Thanks to the silicone layer, Mepilex Transfer does not adhere to the wound. Therefore, removing the bandage, you don't hurt or traumatisez the wound (or the surrounding area). The replacements of dressing are almost painless.

Mepilex Transfer is to advocate in the case of the treatment of exuding wounds and wounds located in areas not easily accessible. If you are using Mepilex Transfer on a wound \"wet\", you must also apply an absorbent dressing on Mepilex Transfer.

Mepilex Transfer applies also to protect the wounds lightly exuding and sensitive skins and/or slightly damaged. The dimensions of Mepilex Transfer are such that it is possible to cover large wounds and/or large areas of skin.

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