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Wick, sterile made of fibers of calcium alginate and transforming into a gel-like hydrophilic and non-adhesive in case of contact with sodium salts of blood and / or secretions and excretion of a wound. The exudate contaminated is absorbed into the fibers and can not escape because of the gelation. What's more, this gel-like substance maintains a rate of water appropriate and creates a microclimate conducive to the healing of the wound. This is precisely the reason why the wound should have sufficient secretions (the gel having a promoting effect on the healing of the wound). The compress has a fibrous structure, flexible and easy to stamp and fold. If the secretions are not sufficient and that, consequently, the processing of the fibers is not complete, residue of fiber can without any problem be rinsed with a solution of Ringer's. Sorbalgon T® is advocated in the treatment of wounds external. For example: superficial wounds; deep wounds or cracks; acute wounds, chronic or infectious (among others, ulcus cruris venosum (ulcer or edema, venous), pressure sores, abscesses, burns and wounds difficult to heal trauma, and in the case of a surgical ablation of a tumour).

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