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Minerva cervical anatomical shape

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The minerva cervical Cervidur allows a capital asset and is equipped d? a relaxation function that is used to unload the muscles of the neck and promotes on the other hand the recovery. It can be used as a complement to a medical treatment as a physio/physiotherapy and can be used, for example, in the case of injuries, neuralgia plexustorticolis and torticollis. The minerva cervical Cervidur has a pleasantly heated, it is gentle to the skin and easy to handle.

To provide patients with the wearing the more comfortable, the cervical collars cervical Cellacare are equipped with an opening anatomical to the chin. In addition, a hook and loop closure allows easy handling as well as a continuous adjustment of the neck strap for a perfect fit. Another advantage of the minerva cervical coating, removable, which can be washed separately for a hygiene impeccable if the patient must wear it for an extended period of time. The minerva cervical preserves its shape, even after frequent washing.

cotton, polyester, polypropylene.

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