The bottom has varicose veins
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The BOTTOM HAS VARICOSE veins are real stockings and differentiate it clearly from the BOTTOM OF SUPPORT.

Bota Tovarix available in:

three classes of compression

  • Class 1 = 18-22 mm Hg
  • Class 2 = 25-32 mm Hg and
  • Class 3 = 36-48 mm Hg

three versions with different composition :

  • fiber conventional cotton (Tovarix 30)
  • micro fiber Tactel® (Tovarix 20)
  • with fiber silver X-static® (Tovarix 50)
  • with SeaCell® active - fiber well-being (Tovarix 70)

· 8 kinds / types of bottom (the bottom runs up to the panty of pregnancy).

  • 20/I - 20/II: 71% tactel/polyamide - 29% lycra/elastan/Elastan
  • 30/II - 30/III: 60% nylon/polyamide - 25% lycra/elastan - 15% katoen/cotton
  • 50/I - 50/II ? 50/III: 40% Tactelpolyamide/nylon - 30% lycra/elastan/Elastan - 20% katoen/ cotton/Baumwolle - 10% X-static (zilver/silver/Silber)
  • 70/II - 70/III:62% Tactelpolyamide/nylon - 26% lycra/elastan/Elastan - 8% katoen/ cotton/Baumwolle - 4% SeacellActive
  • Class 1 (18-22 mm Hg): Edema light. Heavy legs / tired. Pregnancy. Moderate to varicose veins.
  • Class 2 (25-32 mm Hg): Edema pronounced. State varicose generalized. Varicose veins accompanying the pregnancy. After sclerotherapy, and surgery. Chronic venous insufficiency.
  • Class 3 (36-48 mm Hg): Strong edema. Varicose veins induration. After sclerotherapy, and surgery. Chronic venous insufficiency.
  • Graduated Compression: Bota Tovarix is a stockings for varicose veins, made with a graduated compression and are manufactured according to the most modern techniques.
  • Better elasticity: Bota Tovarix is more easy to slip on thanks to a better elasticity.
  • Excellent form of adaptation: Bota Tovarix offer of material particularly well tolerated and is an excellent form of adaptation.

The quality of the micro fibre:

The micro fiber Tactel® micro) to the outside and the micro fiber Tactel® multisoft) on the inside to provide optimal comfort with climate effect. In addition to these general characteristics the Tovarix 20 has as its specific features: the classes of compression are identical to the other stockings for varicose veins.

Micro fine fiber (Tactel®):

  • The bottom has a touch more thin, flexible, elegant appearance, and brings a better comfort.
  • The bottom is more extensible and easier to put on.
  • The bottom has a climate effect (breathable) (Tactel®).
  • The bottom is also available.

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