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The dressing Mepitel One consists of a layer Safetac® in contact with the wound on one side and a thin layer of transparent, flexible, and perforated film (polyurethane) on the other side.

The process Safetac is a technology of the accession and patented method that minimizes pain and trauma to tissue during dressing changes.

The dressing adheres to dry surfaces such as the skin and not to moist surfaces, such as open wounds.

In addition, it seals perfectly the edges of the wound so that the exudate may not be able to overflow to the surface skin periwound, which reduces the risk of maceration.

Mepitel One is not absorbent. Its porous structure open allows exudate to migrate to a secondary dressing absorbent material that must be replaced depending on the condition of the wound and amount of exudate.

The integrity of the dressing Mepitel One allows an alternative and less frequent dressing primary and a replacement atraumatic to the secondary dressing as needed.

Thanks to the top layer non-adhesive and good adhesion to the skin, it is also possible to use Mepitel One without a secondary dressing, that is to say, as the only protection of the skin.

Mepitel One can be used under compression bandages.

Mepitel One can be cut-to-measure and is consequently suitable for various forms of wound site-wound variety.

Local treatments (such as steroids and local antimicrobial agents, topical or hydrogels) may be used on top of or under Mepitel One.
Mepitel One consists of a layer in contact with the wound for the treatment of wounds with dry to heavily exuding: tears of the skin (skin tears), abrasions/scrapes, burns of the second degree, formations of blisters (blisters), skin grafts, arterial ulcers, venous and diabetic patients, lesions of an extremity, the Negative Pressure Wound Therapy. It can also be used to protect wounds and non-exuding, and areas where the skin is fragile.
Clean the wound in accordance with the usual practices (the usual process), and thoroughly dry the skin surface periwound without rubbing.

Choose the right size of the dressing Mepitel One. In this regard, make sure that it covers the wound and the skin surface periwound (overflow on the skin surface periwound at least 2 cm).

The overflow will be more important in case of wounds larger! If you use more of a dressing, Mepitel One, you need to make sure that the strips overlap a little (caution: be careful not to over fill the pores of the dressing).

Remove the protective layer, in part, by entering the tape grip that exceeds the bandage and begin to apply Mepitel One with the sticky side towards the wound.

Remove now completely the protective layer and apply Mepitel One on the skin surface periwound for good adhesion by ensuring the smooth.

Apply if you want a secondary dressing absorbent (e.g. Mesorb®) on Mepitel One.

Mepitel One can stay in place for up to 7 days depending on the condition of the wound and the periwound skin, or in accordance with routine clinical (exudate must be able to migrate freely through the dressing and the pores can not be closed).

If the dressing secondary absorbent is wet, it must be replaced, while Mepitel One remained in place.

Mepitel one is a wound dressing for single use only.

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