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ATRAUMAN STER 5,0CMX 5CM 10 4995108


Dressings fatty and interfaces

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For the care of atraumatic wound in all phases of the healing process.
In the case of abrasions, tears, bruises, venous ulcers, pressure sores, burns from flame, steam, chemical agent, radiation, abscess, boils, carbuncle, whitlow.
To cover the wounds of the donor sites and receptors in skin grafting, plastic and cosmetic surgery.
In the case of extraction of a toenail, phimosis, etc
Thanks to its excipient without active principle, the dressing can be used in dermatology as well as in subjects with sensitive skin.

Atrauman is a compress of fat without active ingredient in polyester netting, impregnated in a base ointment without adding vaseline or other paraffins. Contains only raw materials of vegetable origin. Easy to drape, permeable to body fluids, does not adhere to the skin.

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