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MEPITEL FILM 10X12CM 10 296200



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Mepitel Film is shown on the cover of a dressing primary (Mextra® Superabsorbent, Normlgel®, Hypergel®, Melgisorb®, Mesorb®, Mepitel®, etc.). It can also be used in protective clothing after the application of creams or ointments. Mepitel Film is designed for a wide range of superficial wounds such as pressure ulcers category 1 and category 2, skin lesions superficial and superficial burns.

Mepitel Film with its coating unique and patented Safetac, protects fragile and sensitive skin. Traditional adhesives (dressings or plasters) can be mounted on top of the Mepitel film. The film then acts as a second skin that protects the skin weakened the patient's aggressiveness and allergy risks, inherent to adhesives that are traditional.

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