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MEDIPORE + PAD 3M 5X 7,2CM 50 3562E

Self-adhesive dressing sterile elastic with a compress.
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Adhesive layer hypoallergenic: power adhesive exceptional and yet easy to take off.

Porous and airy. Respects the skin.

Stretch back in non-woven. The back soft and elastic, presents an excellent adaptability to anatomical, does not interfere with the movements and stretches, for example in case of edema formation.

Absorbent pad, non-adherent. The absorbent pad in the rayon fibers is coated with a special layer contact material for wound which prevents the compress from sticking to the wound and reduces the pain in case of change of the dressing.
Surgical Incisions, especially in case of possibility of movement or edema formation. Wounds superficial or shallow.

Cuts, scrapes, and small burns. Wound secretion mild to moderate. Fixation of tubes and other medical devices.

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