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Strips, first aid
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Strips more resistant to traction, even in wet environment;
Healing more quickly and of better quality than with wires or clips (more aesthetic result);
Risk of infection minimal: sterile packaging, lack of effilochement tissue;
Healing aesthetics: great fight (and proper closure) of the wound edge and uniform distribution of the voltage.
Closure of superficial wounds.

Replacement early wire or staples. Suture in combination with wires or staples.
Ensure to stop the bleeding of the wound and remove any foreign bodies.

In other words, carefully clean and dry the wound as well as the area periwound (at least 5 cm around the wound).

Open the plastic bag and remove all of the sutures skin adhesive (strips).

Detach one of the tabs pre-cut (strips) of the paper support.

To avoid that, the strip starts to curl, you need to detach it from the paper at an angle of 45°.

Ask the first half of the suture in the skin (strip) on the shore of a wound and this more or less in the middle of the wound and perpendicular to it.

Make sure to press hard enough.

Bring it carefully to the edges of the wound towards each other (= confrontation and closure of the lips of the wound).

Now mount the second half of the suture in the skin (strip) on the skin, making sure to press hard enough.

Attention: the application of the test strip can not be performed under stretching of the skin.

Finish the treatment (suturing of the wound) in placing the remaining sutures skin adhesive (strips) more or less 2 to 3 mm from one another, so that the evacuation of the liquid-traumatic stress disorder and the exudate is not compromised.

Removal of sutures skin adhesive (strips) when the wound is healed:

detach alternately each end of a strip.

Then remove the test strip by performing a slight pressure in the middle of it all in the obfuscating any smooth, proceeding from the outside to the inside (toward the wound).

Do the same for the other strips.

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