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Catheter sterile and ready to use for the autosondage/urine collection. Packaging in a sterile saline solution. It is not necessary to add gel or water.
Single use.
Is suitable for women.
Phase 1: first of All, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Then, dry your hands.
Phase 2: Open the sachet at the top. It is equipped with a special ring to facilitate its opening. The strip of adhesive ensures that you can attach to the wall of the bag and the probe.
Phase 3: you should always try to urinate through the natural way if you can still do so. Try to do it before each survey. Spread the labia and clean with water the rim of the urinary opening. Wash by performing a movement from the meatus to the anus (front to back) and not the other way around, otherwise it could be that bacteria from the anal region can cause a urinary tract infection.
Phase 4: take Out the probe SpeediCath of the bag.
Phase 5: Insert the probe gently into the urethra up to the bladder.
Phase 6: just before reaching the bladder, you will feel a slight resistance. Wait for some time, the muscle sphincter will relax. Then continue to insert the probe carefully into the urethra until urine flows into the urinary catheter drainage bags. Attention: Make a fold in the probe just before the urinary flow starts.
Phase 7: When the urine flow stops, you can highlight the probe a few centimeters. This will allow you to check if the bladder is not completely empty. Now, you can completely remove the probe.
Phase 8: Take the probe and the bag in a trash can when all is said and done. Be sure to again wash your hands. The survey is completed.

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