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Actreen® Glys Set includes :

A urinary catheter hydrophilic, pre-lubricated, sterile, ready-to-use, type Nelaton or Tiemann, directly connected to a bag collection of urine.
The scabbard for protection of the probe is retractable and allows you to hold the probe during the survey, without touching it.
A pocket compendium of urinary pre-installed, with a capacity of 1L, graduated, fitted with a valve, anti-reflux, one-tab, drain and 2 eyelets grip.
The first eyelet at the top on the left allows you to hold the pocket during the survey, the second in the lower left allows you to support the pouch during emptying of the pouch.

Actreen® Glys Set is designed for the catheterization, intermittent (self or hétérosondage).

In case of urinary tract infection (fever, discomfort when emptying the bladder, blood in the urine), contact your doctor.

The tolerance urethral to monitor during the practice of intermittent catheterisation, a poor tolerance that may lead to the abandonment of the method.

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