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Compression system at the two bands for ankles/arms,
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Compression system at the two bands for ankles/arms, developed in order to provide effective compression and therapeutic with a resting pressure less.

The compression system consists of two bands without latex.

The first band is composed of a foam (foam) polyurethane comfortable, and an external band to be cohesive.

The second band is a band cohesive and developed to ensure effective compression in the framework of the treatment of conditions such as venous ulcers.

Once the two strips are applied, they form a single whole and the risk of slipping is considerably reduced.

This compression scheme can only be used once (single-use) and can be worn for up to 7 days.
This system is indicated to provide compression therapy in the framework of the following conditions:

venous ulcers (ulcus cruris venosum), lymphedema and other clinical conditions where compression is desirable.
Apply the compression system at the two bands at the foot while it is in dorsoflexion (foot in an angle of 90°).

Apply the 1st tape (band-house of comfort) side foam against the skin.

Ensure first to have just enough tension to conform to the shape of the leg and secondly to minimize the overlap of the tape.

This technique ensures a fine layer of tape, that is to say, the comfort of the patient by allowing him to move the joint.

The 2nd tape (external tape compression) is designed to be applied under full tension.

If you want to compression is less, you can apply it with less compression.

The compression system at the two bands can be removed using scissors for dressings or down the bands.

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