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The system-monitoring of blood glucose by Radio-Frequency CONTOUR®NEXT LINK from Bayer (meter, test strips and control solution) is intended for self-monitoring blood glucose of diabetic patients and the monitoring of blood glucose on capillary whole blood sampled at the end of the finger or in the palm of the hand. It is for in vitro diagnostic use only. This system-monitoring of blood glucose is of clinical utility in the surveillance and control of diabetes. The system of self-monitoring blood glucose CONTOUR NEXT LINK by Radio Frequency transmits the results to the blood sugar to devices Medtronic and facilitates the transfer of information to the software Medtronic CareLink® thanks to the communication by Radio Frequency (RF) wireless.The system of self-monitoring blood glucose CONTOUR NEXT LINK by Radio Frequency Bayer is not intended for the diagnosis or screening for diabetes, nor for use in neonatology.

The strength of the Contour® Next Link :

  • Automatic Transmission wirelessly with the MiniMed VEO(554/754), the MiniMed Paradigm® Real-Time(522/722) insulin pumps and pump systems, the Guardian REAL-Time Systemen Medtronic.
  • A precision extraodrinaire thanks to the technology MultiPulse® tests each drop of blood 7 times
  • Uses the new tigette Contour® NEXT, consequently, more problems with the most common interfering substances.
  • Add markings of meals and notes, set your values, overview of the trends and set an alarm test.
  • Screen lit up in color
  • Rechargeable battery. Charging by USB port or by the USB charger , which can be ordered free of charge.
  • By the Second Chance® Sampling just add extra blood when an addition of blood is required.
  • Storing the last 1000 tests

Communication with insulin pumps, Medtronic and CGM gives the following advantages :

  • Quickly simple to calculate bolus doses, and calibrate the system GM crops, thanks to wireless transmission.
  • Downloads in 1 step blood glucose values, and the information of insulin to the software Carelink®
  • Evitation errors introduction

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