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3M Opticlude Dressings orthoptiques MINI Coolers - Dressings orthoptiques occlusive hypoallergenic indicated in the treatment of strabismus or amblyopia. Dressings 3M Opticlude are also used for the realization of vision tests in the context of screening of visual disorders in children.

3M allows children to choose their dressings with different decorative patterns or decals to personalize them. With a support hypoallergenic, band aids, 3M Opticlude can be applied and removed easily while being tolerated by the fragile skin of the eye contour. The pressure sensitive adhesive enables the optimum maintenance of the dressing during the period of occlusion. The wrap is absorbent and its \"non-adhering\" prevents the secretions from the lacrimal to make it adhere to the skin, while the medium (3M Micropore) allows the skin to breathe normally.

Dressings that appeal to children : - dressing decorated - of the decals to create his own scenery
Excellent opacity of the dressing : - hypoallergenic adhesive that keeps the bandage, while respecting the skin of young children. - a compress, non-adherent, which absorbs the oils perspiration lacrimal
Comfort for the child: support is microporous, allowing the skin to breathe
3 sizes for a better adaptation to the morphology of each child : mini - for children up to 2 years old - noon for children 2 to 4 years - max for the children beyond 4 years. The 3 sizes allow you to position the tape at different spots around the eye

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