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Accu Chek Aviva Bandelettes Reactives 25

Accu chek


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Test strips for determining blood sugar using the blood glucose meter Accu-Chek Aviva.

The test strips are quite suitable to be used with the blood glucose meter Accu-Chek Aviva. This system has been developed so that people with diabetes or those active in the medical sector will be able to determine the glycaemic index (= the rate of glucose in the blood) of a sample of fresh blood.

Attention: patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis should consult their treating physician to perform the test because the dialysis can lead to incorrect results.

1. To perform the test you need the following items: blood glucose meter (blood glucose meter), a test strip, the chip calibration (also called chip encoding), the lancing device and a lancet.

2. Coding blood glucose meter: when you start a new tube of test strips, you must replace the old chip calibration with the new one (that is to say, the chip calibration of the new tube of test strips). Be sure to turn off the player and return it. Remove the old chip calibration of the slit and immediately throw it (it no longer serves to nothing). Then, insert the new chip calibration (for the new tube of test strips). Attention: you must insert the new chip calibration in the slot provided for this purpose, and this in such a way that the code number is away from you. You must leave this chip calibration in place in the drive until the moment you open another tube of test strips.

3. Prepare the lancing device.

4. Make sure you wash the hands with warm water and soap before each use of the device. Then thoroughly rinse and dry your hands.

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