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Accu Chek Fastclix - piqueur + lancet 1x6

Accu chek


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A click sweet and innovative

The Accu-Chek® FastClix is the first downthrust in the world to allow a sample of blood with a single click. Now, arm and poking will not ask you a single click!

Clixmotion® ensures a controlled movement

People with diabetes have the tip of the fingers often sensitive. A prick on a regular basis is necessary, however, for good management of blood sugar.

That is why the sting should be as gentle as possible and do not feel more than a little itchy.

Lancing devices Accu-Chek® achieve this level of sweetness thanks to the combination of unique features. One of them provides optimal guiding of the lancet, thanks to the technology patented Clixmotion®.

Clixmotion is synonymous with the best guidance of the lancet. As well the forward movement that the retraction of the lancet is controlled precisely to avoid any shake and any oscillation. Once in the skin, the lancet is gently braked by the system and then immediately retracted according to a linear movement. This controlled movement is the fastest and remarkably softer skin.

Obtain a sample of blood
Cock and prick with a single click

Prime and release in 1-Click action.

Advance to a new lancet
Push the lever once from front to back

Insert a cartridge
1. Remove the cap from the lancing device

2. Insert a cartridge of lancets

3. Replace the end cap

Select a depth of pricking.

Choose from 11 options

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