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Flocare Ng Pur Tube Enlock Guidewire Ch6- 60cm



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Probes transnasales transparent polyurethane (PUR) equipped with a radio-opaque blue, a metal wire conductor (the length of which is 2.5 cm lower than that of the probe) and a power connector, ENLock.
Power connector, ENLock double closure to make it possible on the one hand the connection to a syringe ENLock, and on the other hand the closure of the probe.
The fitting system ENLock ensures that only systems of administration enteral can be connected to the probe tube.
Appropriate range with indication light color by Charrière:
For the children:
Ch 6 - 60 cm - base green;
For adults:
Ch 8 - 110 cm - base blue;
Ch 10 - 110 cm - base black;
Ch 12 - 110 cm - base white;
Ch 14 - 110 cm - base green.

Use limited duration of tube feeding (maximum of 6 to 8 weeks).
Aspiration of the residues of gastric.
Each probe is packaged individually;
10 units per carton.
Probes sterile.

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