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Backjoy Posture+ Siege-coquille Bleu Marin



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Back pain, regular difficulties to concentrate, times when fatigue is felt ? What are the symptoms of poor posture.

The current way of life have evolved and we are sitting a great part of the day. This is why it is important to have a good posture in order to limit the accumulation of stress on the spine and pressure on the lumbar discs.

More than a cushion anatomical, dynamic sitting Posture activates the deep muscles, rocking the pelvis forward and supports the sitting position, to achieve a best position while keeping freedom of movement.

Its ergonomic design ensures the good maintenance of the back and relieve the pressure on the spine back to its natural form.

The effects of good posture are many, breathing and circulation are improved, the muscle balance is optimal, the body has more energy and promotes the attention and efficiency.

Above a cushion seat, this functional support ensures in addition to a good posture, neat appearance thanks to its maintaining dynamic that strengthens the muscles of the trunk and reaches the curvature of the ideal lumbar region

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