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Medihoney Pans Alginate Miel A/bact. 10x10cm 5



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These dressings contain honey antibacterial standardized with predominantly Leptospermum sp. features healing properties and are intended to be used on acute and chronic wounds.
Medihoney dressing tulle honey antibacterial: sterile Dressing, non-adhesive, non-absorbent made of gauze solid woven and impregnated with honey antibacterial Medihoney.
Medihoney wound dressing alginate honey antibacterial: sterile Dressing, non-adhesive-containing calcium alginate impregnated with honey antibacterial Medihoney. The dressing absorbs the fluid traumatic stress disorder (exudation), and is in a soft gel. Not suitable for necrotic wounds.
Medihoney compress gel honey antibacterial: sterile Dressing, non-adhesive container of the honey antibacterial Medihoney and sodium alginate. These components are associated with using patented technologies in order to develop a dressing with honey, characterized by a structure unique in its kind. The dressing forms a soft gel in contact with the liquid traumatic. It is recommended not to use this type of dressing in case of dry wounds. Is not appropriate for the surgical wound and necrotic.

If necessary, you can protect the edges of the wound in the middle of Medihoney cream dermal protective.
In the case of use of the compress gel, you have to remove the covering layers of the two sides before using.
Place the dressing on the wound surface and to ensure that the dressing is in contact with the wound bed. It is possible to cut the dressing on measure.
Cover using a bandage or sterile dressing as appropriate(e). The dressing should be sufficiently absorbent so as to control the liquid-traumatic stress disorder (weeping).
You can clean the wound and replacing the bandage. Follow the standard protocol of cleaning of wounds in this regard.
You need to replace the dressing if it contains a lot of liquid-traumatic stress disorder (which is characterized by a reduction of the thickness of the dressing) and/or if it has become gelatinous. You can keep the dressing for up to 7 days depending on the exudation (which may be low, moderate or high).
2738-417 Medihoney dressing tulle honey antibacterial 10 x 10 cm, 5 units
2738-367 Medihoney dressing alginate honey antibacterial 10 x 10 cm, 5 units
2738-466 Medihoney compress gel honey antibacterial 5 x 5 cm 10 units
2738-474 Medihoney compress gel honey antibacterial 10 x 10 cm 10 units
It is possible that due to the components of honey, some patients experience sensations of irritation and/or tugging during application of the dressing or compress of gel. These feelings decrease after some time. You must remove the product and clean the wound if these sensations of irritation and/or tightness are acute.

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