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Nutrison Pack Soja 1000ml



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Tube feeding for patients with lactose intolerance and/or cow's milk proteins.

Protein 4 g, carbohydrate 12.3 g, fat 3.9 g, Na 100 mg, K 150 mg, Cl 125 mg, Ca 80 mg, P 72 mg, Mg 23 mg, Fe 1.6 mg, Zn 1.2 mg, Cu 180 µg, Mn 0.33 mg, F 0.1 mg, Mb 15 µg, with 5.7 µg, Cr 6.7 µg, I 13 µg, vitamins (vitamin A 82 ág ER (equivalent in retinol), carotenoids, 0.2 mg, vitamin D 0.7 µg, vitamin E 1.3 mg AND (equivalent tocopherol), vitamin K 5.3 µg, vitamin B1 0.15 mg, vitamin B2 0.16 mg, niacin 1.8 mg (equivalent niacin), pantothenic acid 0.53 mg, vitamin B6 0.17 mg, folic acid 27 µg, vitamin B12, 0.21 µg, biotin 4 mcg, vitamin C 10 mg, choline 37 mg).
Osmolarity: 250 mOsmol/l.
Energy value: 100 kcal.
Tube feeding is complete, lactose-free and low in residue (100 % soybean protein (1 kcal/ml)). Has advise patients with lactose intolerance and/or cow's milk proteins. Also to advise patients suffering from diarrhea inexplicable. Tolerance optimal. Without sucrose. The dextrinemaltoses are the sole source of the carbohydrates (carbs). Proper diet for diabetic patients. Optimal intake of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Follow the medical prescriptions of your doctor (generally, 2 litres per day).
12 glass bottles per carton and 8 packs per carton.
Expiry Date which is stated on the packaging.

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