Nutrison Protein Plus Multi Fibre 1L



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Tube feeding for patients with protein requirements increased.

Protein 6.3 g, carbohydrate 14.2 g, fat 4.9 g, fibre 1.5 g (polysaccharides of soya, acacia gum, inulin, oligofructose, cellulose, resistant starch), Na 111 mg, K 168 mg, Cl 139 mg, Ca 90 mg, P 90 mg, Mg 28 mg, Fe 2 mg, Zn 1.5 mg, Cu 225 µg, Mn, 0.41 mg, F 0.13 mg, Mb, 13 ág, 7.1 µg, Cr of 8.3 µg, I 17 µg, vitamins (vitamin A 102 µg ER (equivalent in retinol), carotenoids 0.25 mg, vitamin D 0.88 µg, vitamin E, 1.6 mg AND (equivalent tocopherol), vitamin K to 6.6 µg, vitamin B1 0.19 mg, vitamin B2 0.2 mg, niacin 2.3 mg (equivalent niacin), pantothenic acid 0.66 mg, vitamin B6 0.21 mg, folic acid 33 mcg, vitamin B12 0,26 mcg, biotin 5 mcg, vitamin C 12.5 mg, choline 46 mg).
Osmolarity: 280 mOsmol/l.
Energy value: 125 kcal.
Tube feeding is complete, low in lactose, rich in protein (hyperprotéinée) and enriched in fiber.
Energy value: 1,25 kcal/ml.
Has advocated for patients with protein requirements increased.

Follow the medical prescriptions of your doctor (generally, 2 litres per day).

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