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Charco Enu Reveil (reveil+emmeteur+adapteur)



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The énuresie night can have several causes. From the age of 6, it is important that your child is clean on the day before of him to put for example an alarm for the night. In addition, the child must have a capacity of the bladder corresponding to his age ((Age of child + 2) x 30 ml), together with the estimate of the urination, night is limited to one, and after midnight. Alarm clock night performance, and a good follow up, make that in the majority of cases a result that is stabilized is obtained after 8 to 10 weeks of training.

This alarm clock night very powerful and is in possession of the latest technology. It is to connect to the breeches Charco, It is advisable to provide at least two briefs: a prèmière that the child puts at bed time, a second which serves as replacement after the triggering of the alarm during the night. Attention: this alarm only works with the breeches Charco!

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