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Yellow Mask Masque De Reanimation Jetable



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The \"YELLOW MASK\" consists of a protective sheet to double tip: the side of the victim with ferrule oval, and the side of the lifeguard a tip with filter for a resuscitation mouth-to-mouth risk-free! Used correctly, the \"YELLOW MASK\" will ensure the protection of the rescuer when the contact of the mouth and the victim from the expired air. In this way it minimises the risk of diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis... by contamination \"cross\". The \"YELLOW MASK\" is for you to use immediately in case of need. It is sufficiently light and compact to be able to be disposed in a cabinet of first-aid in the glove compartment of the car, a ladies bag or a bag of first aid. Its very low price makes storage of the \"YELLOW MASK\" in a number of places, in order to provide maximum security and protection.

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