Mepiform Pans Adh A/cicat. Ster 10x18,0cm 5 293400



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Dressing soft silicone self-adhesive for scar treatment

  • hypertrophic scars old or new, chéloides

  • wounds closed, by preventing the formation of hypertrophic scars and chéloides

  1. Remove the protective film. If necessary, cut out the desired shape, before removing the protective film.

  2. Dry the skin well before applying Mepiform.

  3. Remove the dressing once per day to clean skin. After the shower or bath, wait a few minutes before putting it back in place.

  • self-adhesive, without additional fastening required

  • thin, flexible and discreet

  • can be worn during activities of daily living

  • can be removed and reattached

  • economic: a single dressing Mepiform can be worn for up to 7 days on average

In the case of maceration, hives, démangeasions or irritation, the treatment should be temporarily interrupted. As soon as the symptoms disappeared, wound dressings Mepiform can be used again. Gradually increase the amount of application per day. Mepiform offers a UV protection factor equivalent to 7.7.


  • vapor permeable

  • waterproof

Safetac Layer

  • reduces trauma when removing

  • adheres only to dry skin

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