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N1030asd Nexcare Active Strips 360° Assortiment

"-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN\" \"\"> Dressings Nexcare? Active? 360°THE DRESSING is SUITABLE for THE ACTIVITIES SPORTIVESGrâce to its foam backing, it offers ideal protection.The bandage Nexcare Active 360° protects, stretches and adapts to your body movements ; it remains stuck on the skin humid, which makes it ideal for any type of activity, sport or in hot and humid conditions.
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Cushions and protects cuts, scrapes and ampoulesÉtanche Materials without latex A unique shape designed for better seal around the gauze Compresses in flexible foam that cushions, stretches and bends Sticks on a wet skin.

Protection against cuts, scratches, abrasions?

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