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The wound dressing Allevyn Life is a compress of moss hydrocellulaire composite with an adhesive layer of gel silicone.
Advanced technology in multiple layers, associating a compress foam hydrocellulaire composite placed between an adhesive layer microperforée silicone gel (interface in contact with the wound), and an outer film which is highly permeable (impermeable to bacteria and water tight).

Allevyn Life includes a mesh at the center of the wrap to help reduce the visual impact of the exudate. The dressing can be used in the context of protocols for pressure-point relief (caution: always in combination with other means of discharge of pressure!).
The outer film prevents bacterial contamination of the wound. It also allows patients to take a shower without having to remove the dressing.
The interface (lower layer) of Allevyn Life (in contact with the wound) is coated with an adhesive layer soft silicone ensures that the dressing can be removed without hurting the wound or the periwound skin and without causing pain to the patient (withdrawal atraumatic at dressing changes).

Allevyn Life can be removed and repositioned without losing its adhesive properties. You must, however, be careful to apply it without causing folds or stretching. In addition, Allevyn Life can be left in place without a secondary fixation is required. The dressing is easy to apply and remove.

Treatment of acute and chronic wounds, exuding and seedy/bourgeonnantes, superficial to profound, that can only heal by second intention. For example:
Skin tears;
Surgical wounds;
Burns first and second degree;
Graft donor Sites;
Pressure ulcers (decubitus);
Leg ulcers;
Diabetic foot ulcers;
Infected wounds;
Wounds malignant;
Ulcers fongueux.

Allevyn Life contains neither latex, nor rosin, nor di(2-ethylhexyl)-phthalate (DEHP), or PVC.

Advanced technology composed of several layers:
Top layer: polyurethane film with acrylic adhesive film (Opsite highly permeable);
Protective layer: polyester;
Core material (mesh central): cellulose and polyacrylate;
First, bottom layer: polyurethane foam absorbent;
Lower layer in contact with the wound: interface consisting of a polyurethane film coated with an adhesive layer of gel silicone.

Clean the wound in accordance with the usual procedures.
Choose a dressing of the appropriate size.
Prepare the periwound skin (the edges of the wound) cleansing and removing excess fluid from this disorder. Remove any excess hair so that the wound dressing Allevyn Life is in contact with the wound.
Start by removing the first component of the protective film from the wrap and apply the adhesive side on the skin.
Remove the second part of the protective film and apply the compress on the rest of the wound without stretching the dressing.
Allevyn Live can be used on sites where it is difficult to apply a dressing, for example on the heel or the elbow. The corners of the dressing may overlap in its application. Anyway, it is always necessary to ensure that the dressing is not creased or stretching.

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