Duracell Piles Auditives Easy Tab 10


The hearing aid batteries.

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The color code and the numerical code, which simplify the choice of the battery correct.

The batteries can be carried away easily and safely. The unique packaging Duracell preserves the safety of use of the batteries and protects them from damage. The quality seal guarantees that the packaging has not been opened.

Duracell Easy Aid are easy to replace thanks to the EasyTab®. The battery long Duracell EasyTab® has been designed to allow a fast and easy replacement of the battery. The battery is activated only when the EasyTab® is removed because the battery is in need of the oxygen of the air to operate. The tongue may not be removed when the battery will not be used.

Duracell Hearing Aids provide a reliable energy and long-term listening devices modern.

They work safely and reliably in all types and all classes of energy use hearing aids, they work on a lot or a little energy, in digital or analog.

Tips for optimum shelf life:

• Keep batteries in original packaging
• Never transport batteries without packaging in your pockets and make sure that they do not come into contact with
metal objects
• Dispose of the batteries respecting the environment.
• Never try to recharge the batteries

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