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Seeking natural and organic products that contribute to sustainable economy? Selfpharma is your partner of choice! Discover our products from organic agriculture. Here you will find various dietary products, drugs, food supplements and therapies exclusively from exceptional organic circuits to stay healthy and natural!


Ortis Minesium 30 Tabletten

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In the case of heaviness of stomach, indigestion, Minesium is quickly. The ginger contributes to the proper functioning of the stomach, marshmallow supports the digestive functions and the mint helps keep the stomach in good health.

Cholesfytol NG x 112

€ 34,81
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Bescrijven Om gezond te blijven is het belangrijk om zijn cholesterolgehalte te beheersen evenals het gehalte aan slechte cholesterol (LDL). Anderzijds is het ook noodzakelijk om de oxidatie van cholesterol te verminderen. Cholesfytol® NG helpt om het vetmetabolisme onder controle te houden (cholesterol en triglyceriden).