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Dermoscent Pyoclean Oto Sol Oor Pipet Mono 10x5ml



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PYOclean Oto is a purifying treatment specially designed for the cleaning of the external auditory canals especially in animals prone to outer ear infection

Packaged in single, it allows to avoid any cross-contamination between the ears (the use of the cleaner in the bottle can in fact lead to the transportation of germs from one ear to the other in case of otitis).

Based on active ingredients 100% natural antimicrobial properties and soothing, PYOclean Oto heats the wax, which facilitates its elimination, as well as that of cellular debris and other foreign particles present in the ear and it calms efficiently the inflammation. Thanks to its non-irritating formula at physiological pH, PYOclean Oto cleans and purifies the ears of even the most sensitive and safe.

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