P20 Zonnespray Ip30 200ml



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P20 sunscreen is a sunscreen, and the sun manufactured by spraying Danish. It's unique, formula-resistant to the water makes the sun protection for families and individuals within the elite sport and the extreme, where the material is carefully selected.

The unique formula of P20 is non-oily and fragrance free to provide the ultimate protection for a maximum of 10 hours and is very water resistant even after 80 minutes in the water.

P20 is designed to ensure that only one application per day is enough, when it is applied correctly and without missed areas. P20 is proven to work up to 10 hours due to a formulation that is very stable.
P20 is proven to remain effective in the water. Even after 80 minutes in the P20 water retains the same protection category before you enter the water which is unique for a sun protection product. In fact, P20 has been categorised as 'very water resistant', the highest classification available.

consistency light of P20, it is easy to spread and ensures a uniform coverage, when it is applied correctly and without missed areas. P20 is absorbed rapidly leaving the skin non-greasy without leaving stribes white mess on the skin.

P20 sunscreen is free of dyes, fragrances, and artificial preservatives. P20 is suitable for the whole family.

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