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Mosquetas Rose Rozenolie Natuur Bio 30ml



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Rosehip oil organic Mosquetas nature 30 ml for internal and external use
Mosquetas is the first rosehip oil is obtained by cold-pressing certified organic and invigorated.
It is a cosmetic product active :
in the regeneration of skin tissue
in the attenuation of the blemishes caused by scars and stretch marks
in the maintenance of skin elasticity
against the early aging of the skin
against skin dry and wrinkled
against expression wrinkles
against the damage caused by the sun
Internally the extra virgin olive oil Mosquetas is l?one of the few plant sources of both essential fatty acids Omega 3 -Omega 6 in proportion to its high and balanced [35% alpha-linolenic acid - 45% linoleic acid ]. Important components of cell membranes, they are essential to our organization that does not know how to synthesize. They must be provided by the diet. In internal use each pulse of the dispenser allows you to receive a 0,200 gr ie from 4 to 6 pulses directly in the mouth or on your food 2 or 3 xpar day, or 4 to 6 capsules Omégarosa .
Dose recommended daily, 2 to 3 g equal to 1 teaspoon. Can also be a great help for women to massage the mucous membranes of the vagina as a lubricant. This oil also contains Beta-Carotene, phytosterols, and vitamin E, valued for the beauty of the skin. Helps the skin to regenerate and prevents premature aging.
100% rosehip oil, naturally containing a high concentration and balanced polyunsaturated acids, alpha linolenic acid (34,69 g) 35% of omega-3 and d?linoleic acid 45% omega-6. Rich also carotenoids and phytosterols. Analysis average 100 g: cholesterol Content 0,0035 g - saturated fatty Acids 4,37 g - monounsaturated fatty Acids 14,01 g - polyunsaturated fatty Acids 78,79 g.

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