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Novalac Verzadiging 0-12m Zuigelingenmelk Pdr 800g



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Thanks to its specific content of carbohydrates (sugars slow and semi-slow, which replace a portion of the simple sugars), this infant formula is digested more slowly than a formula called the \" classic \". Its nutrients are absorbed progressively, they offer a double action that allows you to satisfy sustainable baby without increasing her calorie intake, thus delaying the feeling of hunger.
Novalac S 2nd age is an infant) that can be given to your child in lieu of his usual milk to his daily diet if the baby is a \"little greedy\", that is to say that he is often hungry, or simply for the bottle of milk in the evening in order to allow him to do his nights.
Novalac S 2nd age is a follow-on milk that can be given daily because it helps to cover the nutritional needs of infants over 6 months of age, as a complement to a diversified diet gradually introduced with the agreement of your doctor. So that your baby has a infant nutrition issues optimal, always follow the dietary recommendations of a healthcare professional.
Discover the recipe adapted to baby to perform with the Novalac S 2
Milk to effect filling natural
Does not provide more calories than a classic formula
Replaces the usual milk in a daily diet

Wash your hands thoroughly before preparing bottles.
Use a bottle, thoroughly cleaned and drained.
Use a water or mineral source adapted to infants, or pure water boiled for 5 minutes and then cool to 37°C.
Heat the mineral water to 40°C and pour the required amount into the bottle.
Add the number of heaping scoops levelled and non-packed respecting 1 measuring scoop to 30 ml water (use exclusively the measuring scoop included in the box).
Close the bottle with the cap flat and made the roll briskly between the palms of your hands in order to avoid the formation of lumps.
Then shake gently back and forth until complete dissolution of the powder.
Check the temperature (<37°C) by pouring a few drops on the inner side of your forearm.
Give this bottle of milk to your child, without the wait.

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