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Medela Enkele Afkolfset Voor Sympony



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You can rent a Medela provided with a set of accessories reusable personal and thus express your milk while remaining comfortably on your sofa.

Symphony Pump Set
Set single or double for Symphony breastpump

With the accessory set Medela, you have everything you need to express your milk with the Symphony breastpump. You have the possibility to choose a set single or double pumping as desired. Each set contains a bottle for breast milk of 150 ml, ideal to collect, store breast milk and feed your baby.

Nipple shields for the comfort of each
For maximum comfort, the set includes a téterelle PersonalFit size M (24mm). Other sizes of téterelle PersonalFit are available :

S (21 mm)
L (27 mm)
XL (30 mm)
XXL (36 mm)
The sets are reusable Medela are both comfortable and practical.

Without bisphenol A
All the pieces of the set of accessories, in particular those who come in contact with breastmilk are BPA-free.

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